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If you've started using Joota to build brand loyalty and you want to take it a step further with value-added services, you've come to the right place.

Promoted Cards

A promoted card is our social content advertising solution.
It can be used for branding purposes or as a promotional tool, like coupons and vouchers.

5 Reasons To Love Joota's Promoted Cards

Easier Sell When Ad Looks Like Content

A promoted card is a special card that's designed to look similar to a normal card in Joota - but with an advertising function. Users will pay more attention when they see ads as content.

Relevancy = Better Attention Span

When promoted cards are attached to relevant content, it makes them super-targeted and relevant. Everytime you (or others) share any of those cards in a deck, your promoted card will follow. The likelihood of users paying attention to the ad is higher too when the ad is within the context of the content they are viewing.

One Flat Rate, No Hidden Costs

We only charge a monthly flat rate. This means two things: You don't have to worry about complicated pricing models such as CPC, CPM, PPC, etc and you can manage your marketing budget more effectively.

Edit Anytime During A Campaign

Promoted cards can be edited ANYTIME, even during a campaign. This gives you the flexibility to change your ads to respond better to what your customers need.

Direct Engagement On Cards

Promoted cards allow you the option of chatting on the promoted card itself so you can directly engage with your customers, especially if they have any questions about what you're offering.

What is Social Content Advertising?

Social Content Advertising is as simple as it sounds. It represents a set of advertising solutions that combine the best of social networks, content networks, and native advertising.

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